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  Butterfly International was created because of a loving, passionate Amazonian River Pastor in Iquitos, Peru. He brought his passion and his desire to see field workers and nationals change society’s statuesque to Butterfly International’s co-founders Pete Robertson and Heisdy Jasso. Together, they formed Butterfly International and brought to life his desires to help fight against social injustice and eradicate poverty.Butterfly International is a Christian Non Profit 501c3 organization that works with Field workers and nationals and/or their sending agencies to help establish businesses which create jobs, or to fund project needs, further extending the opportunities, IMPACTING lives & CHANGING communities globally. 

Individuals like you can be an Impact Lender and help fight against social injustices in a personal and sustainable way by enabling you to directly connect with frontline Field workers and or low income national entrepreneurs. An Impact Lend through Butterfly International is NOT just a giveaway: it’s the birthplace of liberty and real change! We consider Butterfly International users not donors; They are impact lenders in peer to peer micro financing, a process based on mutual respect and trust. Each impact lender sees where their money is going to help. We help train and educate those Field workers who are working on the front lines of service with the intention to help offset funds. We believe in providing affordable access to capital that will help create long term stability and, most of all, provide for their families and others in need. One hundred percent of your Impact Lend is sent to one of our Field workers or Nationals. Our worldwide network of volunteers work with each of our Field workers to ensure a smooth operation.
  We consider Field workers as our High Impact Entrepreneurs. It because of their hands-on work in the communities they serve which change lives. Like never before the Field worker plays a pivotal role in transforming society and making real change in the communities they are helping by bringing hope to the nationals, by supplying resources of food, health care, and shelter. We have also seen and witnessed that modern day social injustices can be eradicated if the nationals they serve were also equipped to pursue businesses. The reality of our Field workers working directly with people that are in need of food, health care, clean water, and clothing is the norm. Butterfly International is determined to help Field workers and nationals achieve success in business building, we have a passion in bringing to light that modern day injustices can be eradicated. By getting a young lady off the streets helps save her life, by enabling a farmer to have better equipment or animals betters his family. The Field workers also work with those who are dealing with human trafficking, modern day slavery and environmental destructions that can eliminate farming and other natural recourses needed for survival.  
  Stewardship is an integral part of everything we do at Butterfly International and we have implemented procedures that ensure the resources we receive are properly accounted for and distributed. We are governed by a board of directors who oversee all aspects of our service.

Butterfly International sends 100% of every dollar you lend to us directly towards funding each Impact lend.  We do not use Impact lend funds to pay for any of our expenses. Furthermore, Butterfly International does not charge interest to our microfinance lenders, who administer our loans.

Butterfly International is primarily funded through the support of lenders like you that are making optional donations. We also raise funds through grants, corporate sponsors, foundations and selling of goods. We are incredibly humbled by Gods grace and that He allows us to be a voice in His Great Kingdom. We are truly thankful for all of our volunteers and donors.
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