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Butterfly International’s definition of business?

We see business as an ultimate resource in economic development in people and communities. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy. As businessmen and women work creatively to meet the needs of others, they are living out a fundamental part of our created purpose.

We believe that business is an organization that creates and or distributes goods and or services and relies on financial profit for survival, success and expansion capabilities. It’s an organizational entity that creates an environment so that the production and effectiveness of work is increased, thereby better serving one another. It’s the engine that financially supports and sustains every sector of society; it helps establish a proper economy, fights against poverty and establishes a strong hold against social injustices.

Each business we help create or project we fund  is overseen by a group of professionals to help establish its success. We ask each of our business owners that once they have paid back their loan to have a lend-it-forward mentality and give part of their profits to assist in establishing other business for those in need. We also require them to use their profits towards fighting social injustices in the areas they serve.

  Lender Questions
What is the definition of a Field worker?
  A field worker is either a missionary, fellow kingdom professional, or anybody that directly impacts others the way Christ would. A field worker works directly with people in need and helps serve them. Field workers are men and women on the front lines that make the biggest and most lasting impact on others lives and directly affect the culture they serve for a better tomorrow. Field workers will operate a business to offset operational cost as well as create community within the field workers service areas. Each field worker looks for opportunities to hire the nationals they work with, as well as teach them skills and offer them hope to better themselves. Field workers also look for opportunities to help a national start their own business. Some Field workers do not need to start a business to offset operational costs and are only in need of receiving funds for specific outreach projects.
Why should I Lend to a Field worker?
  Most of our field workers work in the poor developing countries where immediate emergency humanitarian help is needed. To establish a long term solution to poverty in these under developing countries, they need to have a self sustaining and vibrant economy. This can only be developed when national workers have a strong work ethic. A solid work ethic is vital for recovery and essential for change to take place.
  Humanitarian aid is needed but does not solve the problem. It’s solved by building business and teaching the people the value of work ethics and trade, thus is where we see ample proof when changes will occur. Our Field workers make huge strides in changing the course of time by bringing in business, supporting local nationals while providing them job opportunities and many times even their own businesses. Field workers also model strong work ethics and strive to build strong working communities.

In order for radical change to occur and for us to see social injustices eradicated we must have field workers present in these poor developing countries. Without a guide and proper education we will not see change.
What is the definition of a national?
  A national is someone that a field worker works with and is given an opportunity to start his or her own business. A national can be someone of a different ethnic group as well as live in a different country. Most nationals that Butterfly International works with all have pressing needs of survival and are always looking for ways to feed and support their families.
  Financial Questions
Can I become a paid fundraiser for Butterfly International?
  Butterfly International does not pay our supporters to fundraise on our behalf.
Is my lending tax deductible?
  Yes, Butterfly International is a Christian 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our definition of Lending is one person choosing to donate their capital to someone else that is less fortunate. In return, that capital is used in creating a business opportunity that helps the fight against poverty, the eradication of human trafficking and the protection of our environment. The capital that the lender gives is not given back directly or fund project needs to the lender and that is why your gift is tax deductible. However, once the field worker and or national start paying back, it is reinvested back into another loan so others can receive the same blessing as they did.
What is the difference between Butterfly lending and donation
  Lending and donating on Butterfly International are generally the same concept.

In case of a bank, when you lend to a borrower, you would expect to have your loan paid back. With Butterfly International, all of our loans are not paid back to the Lender but reinvested back into providing another field worker and or national a business opportunity or project need funded. This keeps your loan tax deductible and also allows us to keep the blessing going with greater long lasting impact.

When you donate to Butterfly International, you are helping to fund Butterfly International's operating expenses and cover the cost of running Butterfly International. All Donations to Butterfly International are tax deductible. When you lend, you will also have an opportunity to make a donation to Butterfly International in addition to your loan.
How do I create a pay pal account?
  Visit this link to Paypal and follow the prompts for the type of account you wish to set up. You can then link your personal/ business account to your paypal account to make donations and payments easier.
Can I change my giving method or provide a new credit card number online?
  Yes. Just sign in to set up your auto payment plan or provide your new credit card number
How does the money I lend get to the Field worker?

Butterfly International operates in a 3 phase system. We disburse each portion of the funds that have been received by lenders to the field workers business in phases. Each phase must be fully funded before monies will be disbursed.

Phase 1 Impact Lend - Set-up
              Entails all the set up expenses needed to establish the business within the community.

Phase 2 Impact Lend - Get-up
              Entails the inventory and all the materials needed to operate the business.

Phase 3 Impact Lend - Go
              Entails the marketing and advertising, opening of the business to the community.


When a Field worker is in need of support for a specific outreach project, they contact Butterfly International with that specific information. We then review the information, accept it and add it to our Impact Lending section. Once complete funding is received for that project it is then dispersed to the field workers agency or handlers for use on the project.

How does the money I lend get to the National?
  Each one of our field workers is responsible for overseeing a nationals' business. We do not fund a nationals' business without the presence of a field worker. We disburse the funds in 2 manners: it is either directly to the field worker which then buys the material needed for the national or the second option is to disburse the funds to a partnering micro financing institution (MFI) which will then provide the monies directly to the national.
  About Butterfly International
How does Butterfly International Select Micro Financing Institutions?
  Butterfly International partners with established microfinance institutions (MFI) that have a mission on doing something about modern day social injustices. We only use these institutions with our nationals and not on all occasions. Many times our field workers can oversee the loan especially in areas where we have no microfinance institutions available. There are also those times where the field worker is too busy and has too many responsibilities and cannot manage the nationals’ loan. This is where we try to find a MFI to oversee the whole process. We conduct extensive due diligence on each MFI. In order to become a MFI with Butterfly International we look for certain qualities in each of our Microfinance Institutions. We like others want to know if they have served at least 1,000 active borrowers, they have a history of lending, they are registered with a legal entity in their country of operation, and they have at least 1 year of financial audits.
  Other Questions
Who is Impact Man?
  Impact man is the hero inside of us all; he is the one that brings lasting change. Impact man is strong and courageous. He puts others first and cares for those people that are in need. Each one of us that chooses to help others is an impact man/woman. Whether it be by making an impact lend with Butterfly International or simply helping your neighbor. Be an Impact Man / Woman today!
What is a microloan finance institution?
  Butterfly International partners with existing microfinance institutions around the world. Our institutions correspond with our on the ground field worker and assist in the screening process of the borrowers, as well as disbursing loans, collecting repayments and otherwise administering all of Butterfly International loans.
Can I have a copy of Butterfly International Logo?
  Yes, in certain situations, but this must be subject to our control and our guidelines

We encourage our Lenders involvement, however in order to obtain a usable logo for promotional purposes you will need to fill out a request form that will be reviewed and only upon approval and usage documentation received, logo will be provided with guidelines.
Can I say a portion of proceeds of my event, product sales, promotional effort, etc. go to Butterfly International?
  Unless you are fully in compliance with state and federal fundraising regulations, it would violate the law for you to say that "a portion of proceeds will go to Butterfly International," or any similar statement. However, it is permissible for you to make a general statement that you are a supporter of Butterfly International, or that "an Impact lend will be made to Butterfly International".
Can I promote Butterfly International at my High School or College?
  Yes, a great way to gather a group of people with a targeted purpose in sponsoring either a field workers' or nationals' business opportunity or project needs. You can be a part of fighting social injustice and making a difference across the globe.Start a GROUP today! Then share that group with all your friends so they can join in with you. Create a Club on campus to bring awareness, go to our Party Pack page to have material to use to pass out.
How can I request a speaker at our next event?
  Please email us with your request.
Can I contact the field worker or national directly?
  Butterfly International does not allow direct contact with our borrowers. However we do keep a running updated journal that is passed onto you of each field worker and or nationals' progress that you have selected. After you have received your email, located at the bottom of each journal we give you an opportunity to post comments that can then be sent back to the field worker and or national.
Can I see Butterfly International 501(c)(3) letter?
  Please find Butterfly International 501c3 IRS determination letter attached
What is Butterfly Internationals EIN tax ID number?
  Butterfly International EIN or Tax ID number is 45-0991440.
How do I change my email address?
  To change the email address associated with your account, sign in to your account using the email address and password currently associated with your account. Select ""my Profile" then "edit profile" change your email and hit submit
I have forgotten my password. Can you reset it?
  Butterfly International cannot tell you your current password, but we can assign you a new password and send your sign-in information to your email address. Provide us with your name and email address or account number, and we will email your sign-in information to you
Can I review my account information online?
  If you have created an online account with Butterfly International, you can review your account information once you sign in and go to MY PROFILE. You will first need to sign in using the email and password associated with your account - or, if you do not yet have an account, you can set one up. If you have forgotten which email address is associated with your account, Contact us. If you forgot your password, you can request to have a temporary one emailed to you at the sign-in page.
Can I change my giving method or provide a new credit card number online?
  Yes. Just sign in to set up your auto payment plan or provide your new credit card number.
How do I change my address online?
  If you want to edit or delete an address, sign in to your PROFILE PAGE using the email address and password associated with your account. To create a new address, once you have logged in, go to "MY PROFILE" ,select EDIT ACCOUNT, then PROFILE, edit your information and hit submit.. To update an existing address, select the "edit" button and update the address
Why do nationals pay high interest rates?
  As of 2012, the average interest rate and fees charged by our microfinance institutions(MFI) is about 36%. This helps to offset the high operational cost of facilitating microloans. Because our MFI don't have to pay interest to a Butterfly International loan that they oversee. The Butterfly International loans that are passed through the MFI help reach communities and populations that may not otherwise be served. All Butterfly International MFI charge interest, but Butterfly International chooses not to partner with an organization that charges exorbitant interest rates, and we require our MFI to fully disclose their interest rates.

The interest and fees charged by our MFI seem high, but those rates are necessary to maintain their integrity and long term stability. The loans that are given are smaller in size thus they do not accumulate high returns, if loans were higher interest rates would be lower, so it may seem like a lot but in reality it is not much. Self-sustainability is critical to creating long-term solutions to poverty, and charging interest to borrowers enables our MFI to bear costs and achieve self-sustainability. As many of our MFI serve communities in rural areas, the labor of distributing and collecting loan payments adds to the organization's operational costs. Developing countries also typically have high inflation rates which need to be factored into the interest rates that financial institutions charge.

Upon checkout, you can pay with funds from a credit card or a PayPal account.

Regardless of which option you choose, PayPal will process your payment and send you a receipt. PayPal provides Butterfly International with free payment processing, which helps us to keep our operational expenses low.
What is Butterfly International privacy policy?
What are ways I can make a monthly gift?
  Butterfly International is constantly updating the status of our field workers and nationals and their needs as well as adding new opportunities on a regular basis. Your monthly impact lend would be a huge impact in fighting against social injustices. Please click here to start your monthly lending today and upon checkout you will be given the option to make a monthly or a onetime Lend.
How Religious is Butterfly International?
  Our lenders have all different religious and non religious back grounds. We do not discriminate in who can access our services and of whom our field workers care for. Someone's religious affiliate is not a concern. Our values are rooted in the Christian Faith, emphasizing Integrity, work ethics, good stewardship, our service to the poor as well as all other social injustices. Our leadership consists of Christian professionals without compromise on doing what is right while impacting the greater good of all humanity.
How is Butterfly International Field worker/fellows program different?
  Most fellows programs associated with micro finance organizations are all volunteer and non paid positions. Our field workers/fellows program works with other nonprofit institutions such as; churches and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) in establishing business opportunities. By working with other nonprofit institutions we establish a built in accountability network that enables us to have more assurance in extending the Impact Loan. We understand the demands and needs for on the ground field workers/fellows as well as the demands of life and costs needed to perform services. Like never before the field worker/ fellow plays a pivotal role in transforming society and making real change in the communities they are helping. Butterfly International Business opportunity program offers each field worker/ fellow a chance to make an even greater impact in the community they serve by providing them the opportunity to stay in the field, provide for their family's' needs and it helps the field worker/ fellow bring hope to the nationals, by supplying resources of food, health care, and shelter. Our program also utilizes our field worker/fellows to oversee and engage the local nationals in helping them to start a business and give them a chance to change their lives and their communities' future.Butterfly International also helps with funding Field worker/ fellows project needs.