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A field worker is a missionary, fellow, kingdom professional, or anybody that directly impacts others the way Christ would. A field worker works directly with people in need and helps serve them. Field workers are men and women operating on the front lines making the biggest and most lasting difference in others’ lives, allowing them to directly affect the culture they serve for a better tomorrow. We offer two programs to our field workers.

The first is the Butterfly International Impact program and the second is the Butterfly International Business startup program. Our Impact program consists of our field workers having an effect in the lives around them through projects they achieve with the people they serve. One example will include a health checkup outreach where medical supplies and specific materials are needed. Butterfly makes Impact Lends to all qualified field worker’s service projects.

Secondly,Our Butterfly Business startup program allows the field worker to operate a business to offset operational costs as well as to create a sense of community within their service areas. If a field worker is accepted into our Butterfly International business start-up program we ask that they look for opportunities to hire the nationals they work with. This allows them to simultaneously teach them skills to better themselves while offering them hope for the future. Field workers can also look for opportunities to help a national start their own business. We have found field workers can be either a traditional missionary who chooses to start a business or a business professional who wants to work in the mission field. All are acceptable and can all be used to change and affect this world for God’s Kingdom.


  BUTTERFLY IMPACT PROGRAMS help field workers change communities!
Many of the Butterfly International Field workers ministries are performed in the poor developing countries where immediate emergency and humanitarian help is needed. To establish a long term solution to poverty in these poor developing countries, field workers often do humanitarian outreach projects that require material needs. Butterfly Impact programs help Field workers have an impacting role in establishing a self-sustaining and vibrant economy as well as the overall improved health of the people.Besides humanitarian needs, outreach projects can consist of many other variables, anything that helps promote your cause. Our field workers also help us by teaching and developing the national workers to have a strong work ethic within each community they serve. We know that a solid work ethic is vital for recovery and for change to take place, if the long term success in eradicating poverty is to occur. Humanitarian aid is needed but does not solve the complete problem; it is mostly accomplished by building businesses and by teaching the people the value of work ethics and trade. When this occurs, we see ample proof that sustainable changes will occur within those communities. Our Field workers have opportunities to make huge strides in changing the course of time.If you are currently a field worker and have a project that needs funding and your application is not on file, please complete our Project Application If it is on file, please e-mail us with your project need.
  Butterfly International Business Start-up
PAUL’S EXAMPLE Of Business and Missionary work
Butterfly International has discovered, by speaking with field workers, that one of the most pressing concerns they have is the lack of funds and support. We have discovered that many field workers aspire to create in country cash flow via a business venture or local job for long term stability. We also understand that many field workers dread trying to raise money and support and desire to be as Paul says in 2 Thessalonians 3:7-9 and a burden to no one. With that Butterfly International uses Paul’s tent making approach when creating a business model. Paul was a skilled master builder and he used the talents that God had given him to devise an ingenious strategy which provided for all his needs while barely having to ask for foreign funds! His spirit-guided tent making strategy was intentionally designed to produce field worker lay movements everywhere. Often times a field workers desire to shadow this philosophy is often cut off by lack of knowledge of business or resources and that is why Butterfly International exist, to fill in the gaps where needed.
Business can help to build community.
Business can provide for humanity.
Business can serve people according to their needs.
Business can generate opportunities to care for God’s creation.
How did Paul use his funds from business expenses?
Traveling expenses
New locations set up
Ministry expenses
Daily needs
Feeding the poor and needy
5 primary reasons to start a business
1. Access- obtaining a business visa for residence
2. Legitimacy- running a business in country establishes respect and street credibility. It opens up many avenues which are otherwise closed.
3. Persona- Field workers now have a opening story of who they are, helps you be a real person in the community
4. Relationship contacts- opens many doors and many times allows for easier access in people’s lives
5. Relationship development- allows Field workers the ability to establish deeper relationships with community and employees. Also allows field workers the ability to be an example and model Christ like work ethics.
  Butterfly International's Business Opportunities
Butterfly International will not lend to a field worker that is using business just as a means to entering a country. Each business must be legit and able to produce income and long term stability for the field worker. We want our field workers to love running a business and to engage their passions, to use their skills, to create jobs, to influence the elite and combat against social injustices. We feel what makes a great field worker is the need to value both relationship development and the integrity of running a quality and full-size effective business. There must be a balance. We understand that running a business is not for everybody, it is hard and at times very challenging.

Butterfly International understands that their needs to be a special mixing of the field workers gifting, commitment, and unique context to make a mission as business venture work effectively. The business is the field workers ministry and not just a means to another end, but a opportunity to share via evangelism, relationship building and providing for the poor. Butterfly International is not a sending Agency; we simply lend money and work with each field worker in every step of the business planting phase. We work with each field workers sending church and/or sending agencies to accomplish this goal.

Are you ready to start a business to help impact lives and communities? Start your journey today by completing the read Business Journey Application:
  Recommend Resources
“The Missional Entrepreneur” by Mark l. Russell
“Our Souls at Work” by Mark Russell
“Work as worship”
“Tent Making” by Patrick Lai
“Kingdom Business” by David Befus
“Walking with the Poor- Principles and Practices of Transformational Development” by Bryant Myers
“The Poor and their Money- An Essay about financial services for the poor people” by Stewart Rutherford
Why did Paul make tents? By Ruth Siemens
Lausanne movement - http://www.lausanne.org/en/
Business as Missions think Tank - http://bamthinktank.org/
Business as Missions Network - http://www.businessasmissionnetwork.com/
  FAQ - Field Worker's Questions
What is the definition of business?
  We see business as an ultimate resource in economic development in people and communities. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy. As businessmen and women work creatively to meet the needs of others, they are living out a fundamental part of our created purpose.

We believe that business is an organization that creates and or distributes goods and or services and relies on financial profit for survival, success and expansion capabilities. It’s an organizational entity that creates an environment so that the production and effectiveness of work is increased, thereby better serving one another. It’s the engine that financially supports and sustains every sector of society; it helps establish a proper economy, fights against poverty and establishes a strong hold against social injustices.

Each business we help create is overseen by a group of professionals to help establish its success. We ask each of our business owners that once they have paid back their Impact Lend to have a lend-it-forward mentality and give part of their profits to assist in establishing other business for those in need. We also require them to use their profits towards fighting social injustices in the areas they serve.
Butterfly International business start up requirements for funding field workers
  For our field workers each business will vary as well as the start up expenses. There will be start up costs that will have to be fully funded before the business can be established. We will work with each team member involved in sending the field worker (usually organized by a leader in the church, a Pastor or sending agency) to determine the functionality of the business and its overall start up costs. Once the determined amount is finalized it will then be given to the public to start raising the funds needed for the success of the field workers business launch. Some field workers will have to be very familiar with the country they serve in before a business can be started for example; culture, people groups, trends, laws etc.
What are my upfront costs?
  There are no upfront costs to utilize our services. Your business start up cost will be determined on your business selected and all the expenses involved.
How do I collect Funds?
  Butterfly International will come alongside of you through the process of getting you funded and your business started. Many times Butterfly International will fund most of your opportunity, however sometimes to raise all the funds in a timely manner, we would like to see you be responsible for assisting us in this. We will work with your church congregation and/or agency to bring people together to raise funds on your behalf. You can also hold fundraising events, spread the word of your online profile for donations on our website, and have your friends and family donate. Butterfly International will also promote and advertise your profile to better assist in raising funds.
How often can I receive funds for my service projects?
  If you qualify for our Butterfly Impact program you can receive funds for each project that comes up
How do I qualify for the Butterfly Impact Program?
  You must be represented by a church and or NGO to qualify. We are big in accountability and do not send any funds directly to our field workers but only through their sending church or reputable NGO.
What are the risks in starting a Business?
  Risks vary, but with any business venture you will always have risk. That is why we organize a strong team around you that has put together a solid business model, as well as mentor you.
How do I get started with my business start up?
  Butterfly International is a complete one stop shop for helping fund and build your business. We help you through the process of prayerfully considering type of business, to composing teams that will assist and mentor you, to actual starting up business. You must fill out our Business Journey Application with your church or sending agencies recommendation letter. Once reviewed, we will be in contact with you to go over the overall process and answer any further questions you may have.
1. Complete application
2. Interview
3. Follow-up meeting
4. Organize teams, business model, ministry model, and mentors
5. Set up on-line Lending info to help raise funds
6. Receive loan and start business
What if I have no experience running a business?
  Many of our field workers do not have experience running a business, this is where your management team and mentors help. Each field worker will not be sent out without the proper training and the proper overseers to help them in running a business. To run a successful business we look for certain quality traits and gifting that our field workers possess. If you do not possess certain traits or gifting, we would recommend not going through this process. This would be determined from your application you submit to Butterfly International.
Do I have to have a church or agency support me?
  Yes, we will not offer this opportunity without your local church or agency involvement. We believe that the involvement with either or both of these is vital to your success and accountability.
What is my Pastors Involvement?
  Your Pastor is the key to your accountability and to oversee any involvement that goes on in your home church. You will be asked to organize a board of directors and an advisory team and most of these individuals will come from your home church or the other churches involved with you. You want your Pastors blessing as well his overall support.
Do you work with agencies?
  We network with many agencies that have the same like minded initiatives.
Are you discrete with advertising my profile?
  We know that in certain countries information is very sensitive and this is why Butterfly International will make every effort in protecting the field work you will be doing within and outside of your business. With this we will only advertise the business aspect of you, nothing will be able to be traced back to you.
Do I need to pay back my Butterfly business startup loan?
  Yes, the funds that are lent from Butterfly International will need to be paid back without interest in order to allow us to extend this opportunity to another field worker. We know and understand that a business takes time to get up and running, that is why the terms of the loan will vary from 3-5 years, sometimes longer if needed. Once your business is started and running you will be expected to start paying via wire on a monthly or quarterly basis. Terms on the monthly or quarterly payment amounts are determined on a case by case basis.
Do I need to pay back my Butterfly Impact loan?
  No, the funds that are lent from Butterfly International will not need to be paid back. These funds are classified and one time lending or monthly lend to our Impact lenders. They understand we do not require our field workers to pay back loans.
Do you start businesses in the United States?
  Yes! Although majority of our Business plants are in foreign countries we do work with field workers in the USA. We are very selective with whom we lend to and the nature of the business. Our desire is to see those in need be directly impacted and that the business be fully mission minded.
What is expected of me in order to start a business?
  Our goal is to offer you an opportunity to maintain a business while you are out in the field working and to also offer that same opportunity for nationals (a national is an individual whom you are working with in country).
1. Butterfly International asks that you seek a national that you come to trust and deem business owner worthy and offer them the same opportunity. Thus informing Butterfly International of this national to start the process so that we can lend to them as well.
2. That you become an ambassador for Butterfly International and share with other field workers the opportunity of business.
3. At your discretion should your business profits exceed in excess that you keep lending it forward through Butterfly International, which would allow us to further extend other business opportunities to field workers and nationals.
4. We ask that you provide Butterfly International updated business reports so that we may provide the details to your support lending team.