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  Volunteer at Butterfly International

Like all nonprofit organizations volunteers are vital to the foundation and overall makeup of the success in serving field workers as well as nationals. You are the hands and feet that make the work happen. For more information click here
  Give the gift of Butterfly International E-Gift Cards

Why not give a Butterfly International E-Gift card for an Impact Lend to a friend, coworker or family member? To purchase a Butterfly International E-gift Card for any special occasion visit our E-GiftCard
  Community Challenge

Have you thought about forming an IMPACT LENDING group by organizing a group of people to collectively raise funds for one Impact Lend? It can be any size or collection amount. Whether it be through a workplace, church, little league team, club or other group of any size, you can make a difference!

With multiple people involved, the Impact Lend should end up costing each person a manageable amount. One person in the group should be dubbed the treasurer of the Impact Lend and is in charge of loaning it via Butterfly International and keeping the group informed. Each Impact Lending group can select which Individual, Business or Project they wish to support by visiting our Impact Lend group page. Upon lending, each group will be informed via the treasurer the loan progress and any updates on Individual, Business or Project. This is a great opportunity and experience to help fight injustices and make a big impact worldwide.

Why not incorporate Butterfly International into your wedding celebrations?
Here are a few ways Butterfly International Impact Lenders can make this happen.

Add Butterfly International as one of your gift registries. Register at our online Fair Trade Store under wedding registry, select your items and then let all your guests know that you are registered at www.butterflyinternational.net

Guest Participation
Use Butterfly International Impact Lends as your party gift to your guests. Use this opportunity to give your wedding guests a wedding favor that is unique. Create an Impact Lending Group for your wedding (usually your groomsmen and/or bridesmaid coordinates this). It’s simple. Sign up for an account in our group page specifying Wedding Registry, select the Individual, Business or Project you choose to help, start the Impact Lend.
You can also print a Butterfly International
brochure for each table to educate your guests about Butterfly International. Have either your Bridesmaid or Groomsmen or whoever is in charge of putting this together, create an announcement for your guests that indicate that you have made an Impact Lend to “selected individual” in “Country Name”. You may also want to add a note that states “If you’d like we would love for you to join us in fighting against social injustices and to help to start a business or fund a project for others in need.” You can also advise your guests of the options of joining you by providing them your groups wedding party name on your information card or to make a check payment to you with “IMPACT LEND” in the memo portion and provide it to your Team coordinator. You can email us if you have any questions.

We would love to hear your stories of how your event went and to see pictures. Please
email us your story and a photo so we can let others know how your event went.
  Host a Party

Interested in hosting a Butterfly Impact Event!

Whether you're interested in gathering a small group of friends or hosting a larger community event, a Butterfly Impact Event can be open to all. You don’t have to be an expert party planner, you just need to have a passion and willingness to be a voice for those that do not have one. Butterfly International offers you an event Party Packs to use at your event as well as give you some Ideas of what we have found to work.

We are also eager to hear your suggestions and Ideas that you might have as well. We are completely open to see how your gifts talents and passions can be used to bring awareness to this great cause. Click here to get started today!
  Who do you know?

Do you know of a field worker/fellow or missionary, a church, business owner, or someone with expertise in a particular field that can use our services or partner with us? Then by all means please refer them to us. We are always looking for new innovations, field workers/fellows and mentors to incorporate into our programs.
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  Spread the word

Email your Friends

One of the best ways to help us spread the word about Butterfly International is to email your friends, family, and co-workers - anyone you think might be interested in making an Impact Lend. Here are some samples of text below that you can feel free to personalize however you’d like.


Share with others everything that is going on at Butterfly International! It’s a great way to stay up to date!
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  Support Butterfly International

Your individual contribution makes all the difference. Butterfly International operates completely on your additional tax deductible donations to help offset expenses and support our overhead operations. Donate Today!