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  Individuals like you can be an Impact Lender and help fight against social injustices in a personal and sustainable way by enabling you to directly connect with frontline Field workers and or low income national entrepreneurs. An Impact Lend through Butterfly International is NOT just a giveaway: it’s the birthplace of liberty and real change!

We operate and adhere to guidelines that are important to us as we consider any small business, corporate or foundation proposals. We, as other Christian nonprofit organizations, will not compromise our Christian values and our overall mission. We choose not to promote any specific products or services and we will not at any time bring negative depictions of other organizations.

  If the nationals are equipped to pursue businesses we have seen and witnessed that modern day social injustices can be eradicated. The reality of Nationals in need of food, health care, clean water, and clothing is the norm. Butterfly International is determined to help nationals achieve success in business building; we have a passion in bringing to light that modern day injustices can be eradicated if we continue to offer these opportunities to nationals.  
  Whether you’re an individual, small business, corporation or foundation your contribution allows us to research and discover new innovations, that create new opportunities and have a greater Impact in our fight against modern day social injustices. Butterfly International operates completely on your additional tax deductible donations to help offset expenses and support our overhead operations.  
  Have you thought about forming an IMPACT LENDING group by organizing a group of people to collectively raise funds for one Impact Lend? It can be any size or collection amount. Whether it be through a workplace, wedding registry, church, little league team, clubs or other groups of any size can make a difference!