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Butterfly International's Complete Balanced Approach

Butterfly International's relationship with its donors, corporations, and foundations is unique knowing that our balanced approach covers they cycle of social injustice. Our voice in causes like eradicating poverty through business startups; our environmental help with the emphasis on education and the importance of recycling and as well as aiding in putting an end to human trafficking by providing positive opportunities to those most susceptible.

We focus on the poor by aiding in building businesses and assisting field workers by providing the everyday project needs, like supplying others with medical care and food, as well as the means to run and/or oversee business plants. Butterfly International's complete approach allows our donors, corporations and foundations' monies to be used with a greater effectiveness and a stable future. If you feel called to help we provide many opportunities for you do to so.
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  Individual Donation
Your individual contribution makes all the difference. Butterfly International operates completely on your additional tax deductible donation to help offset expenses and support our overhead operations. Each Individually supported donation allows us to research and discover new innovations that create new opportunities and have a greater Impact in our fight against modern day social injustices. Our complete determination and our keen focus to help the field worker and his family as well as the national and his not only impacts their lives but allows them to influence the lives of those around them.
For larger donations, please email us at innovations@butterflyinternational.org